2020 I ❤️ Rockwood Festival - Volunteer OPPORTUNITIES

Serve on the Festival Advisory Board


Leadership matters!  If you have the time and bandwidth, the advisory board meets once in the Fall and Winter and more frequently as the day of festival  draws closer.  This body is comprised of event committee leaders, representatives of partner organization, sponsors, and community members.   The I ❤️ Rockwood Festival Advisory  is a deliberative group that works with  the Kiwanis Club of  to accomplish festival goals.

Festival Committee Service


Committee work is where the rubber hits the road.  We envision several committees including:  

  • Sponsor Development
  • Partner Development
  • Food Services
  • Entertainment & Activities
  • Ready-For-School give-away

Day-Of-Festival Volunteer


In the end, the experience I ❤️ Rockwood Festival-goers have will be the result of a BIG team.   We anticipate needing as many as 20 volunteers to support day-of-event activities,   This CAN be hard (but rewarding) work.  With an expected crowd of around 5,000 Rockwoodites you can be sure that the event coordinator (Jenna Ryan) will have plenty of tasks to keep you moving!

The Kiwanis Club of Rockwood


The Kiwanis Club of Rockwood is the fiscal sponsor for all "I ❤️ Rockwood"  events. Our small club is experiencing generational change and is actively seeking new, energetic, and diverse members to lead the club (and the festival) into the future. 

 Social meeting are held twice each month that feature committee presentations and other quality presentations of interest to the community and the club.